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the 33 Project

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Widowed at 30: A Lesson in Strength and Survival

Widowed at 30, Chinyere's life took a sudden turn on the 6th of June, 2014 when her husband died in her arms after a long battle with an unknown ailment.

Having survived through life's ordeal of being catered with the sole responsibility of providing for her three sons aged 9, 7 and 5 respectively with the help of her roadside food business; Chinyere is in dire need of support especially with the boys' education.

At the moment, she shuffles their going to school as she cannot afford to have them all in school at once.

The ‘33’ Project, powered by The Mosibyl Company is focused on raising funds to support 33 proposed beneficiaries like Chinyere's family as well as other children/individuals in need of educational support.




This past year has come with quite a number of milestones and achievements, and there couldn’t be a better time to reflect on all the firsts, accolades I have amassed, and the journey that got me here.
Most importantly I have come to truly and deeply appreciate the sacrifices that have gone into my education, seeing how far and wide education has brought me.

Being here, becoming and becoming even more has been no easy feat, but it's been possible.

I launched The ‘33’ Project to restore hope and lighten up the dimmed possibility of BECOMING for a few individuals and families.

This is a project very dear to me, and your support will be the greatest birthday gift you could gift me - as I turn 33 in a few weeks' time (Oct 9 to be exact).

I’m imploring you to join the front row in supporting this cause.
Access to education is the greatest gift you could give a child/individual, the community and the world! I know this much because education paved the same way for me.

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  • To identify and shortlist 33 indigent children who will benefit from The Mosibyl educational scholarship for given a period of time.

  • Funds for this cause to be raised by Mosibyl and friends in anticipation of Mosibyl's 33rd.